The Game
A really enjoyable educational game !

The games that are categorized as being educational usually have this in common : they are boring. And knowing that students usually associate mathematics with hardship, it is difficult to imagine mathematics as something to play with. Math Attak is about to change radically this perception. 

Math Attak is the fruit of more than 4,000 hours of work and the 3,200 questions of the game cover all major aspects of mathematics : calculation, knowledge, equations, geometry, visual logic and series of numbers. For Paul Andre Allard, it was extremely important that the game would be fun to play, very creative and unlike any game that we can find on the market. 

A new category of visual logic will eventually be integrated to the game in a frame similar to the ones that we find in calendars. This category, on top of offering a larger space for the visual aspects of the questions, will add interest in the sense that it will allow questions similar to those that are integrated in I.Q. tests.