Looking for investors

To bring this fascinating this project to another level, we need investments in the order of $ 35,000 to $100,000 in exchange of a sharing of revenues. These investments will be used to manufacture physical version of the game on a large scale, as well as an online version and to translate the game in English and Spanish. A publicity budget could be used, depending on our budget.

Great potential of profits

There is no doubt in our minds that there would be a great demand for such a product. If only maths teachers in the U.S. would buy it, we would sell 3 million games. Imagine for a moment if the idea would come to their mind to tell their students about this or if parents of students had the same idea. Just to illustrate the potential of such a game, just think of the 3 Montrealers who have made over 200 million of profit with the game Trivial Pursuit (and there was competition for that game, which is not the case for our game), before it was bought by Hasbro in 2008 for $ 80 million. All we are asking for the moment is to have the opportunity to present the game to an investor, so that we can reveal the immense commercial potential of it. We believe that ‘to play mathematics’ will soon be a common expression as teenagers and adults will join to play Math Attak.